Fun fact: according to, homes for sale that include descriptions like “killer kitchen” or “luxury kitchen” sell 8% faster than similar-sized homes in the same ZIP code.  We can, therefore, presume that this is why kitchens have become a key part of renovation plans, home decor upgrades, and listings descriptions. In this week's blog I want to share with you my own advice for how making a few changes in your kitchen could be the difference between your home sitting on the market  for longer than you would like and getting multiple offers that you do like!

  • Modern Cabinets That Showcase - custom or modern cabinets that pull the kitchen together can really showcase your kitchen and allow potential buyers to appreciate the organizational features, space and quality that your kitchen has to offer. 

  • Kitchen Islands for Functional & Social Use - a center island that holds everything you need will show off the extra storage and counter space, but also will serve as breakfast nook, or cocktail bar. An island is also a great way for the chef to stay a part of the conversation with family members and/or dinner guest while still preparing the meal. 

  • Spacious Pantries are Golden - lucky you if you have a large stock room with easy access to the family's favorite snacks and the cook's essential ingredients. Be sure to declutter, add shelves and add good lighting to your pantry so that it stands out to your buyers. 

  • Dishwasher in a Drawer - a growing trend that is not only eco-friendly but a desirable kitchen feature is a dishwasher drawer. This can be used in place of a regular dishwasher or in addition to a full-size dishwasher. These handy mini-appliances allow efficient cleaning for just a few dishes. 

  • Deep Drawers for Cooking Pots - buyers will love to see a deep drawer located next to the kitchen range for easy access to large pots and pans. As this is a relatively inexpensive upgrade, consider this before you list and show your home.   

  • No Handle Touches Faucet - say good bye to sticky, dirty hands fiddling around with the hot and cold knobs on the sink faucet! A motion detector faucet is one of my favorite, inexpensive upgrades that will certainly modernize any kitchen.  Even top brands like Moen, Kohler or Delta cost less than $300. 

I also would consider this advice from Yuqing Pan, a journalist for, "At the opposite end of the spectrum, you should probably stay away from over-the-stove microwaves, maple cabinets, and 4 x 4 tile floors—those are so yesterday."

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