I don't mean to sound repetitive but in our seasonal outlook here, Louisville remains a hot seller's market, with very little inventory on hand for eager buyers. As the table below shows, the median list price increased from $699,000 in May 2018 to a whopping $739,000 in early August. Louisville's inventory increased a little as the spring months transitioned to summer, and currently sits at 55 homes, which is actually a decent increase from 43 homes in May. "Days on Market" (DOM) has remained stable at 60 days in early August, which includes time to close. However, a big move this summer has been that 45% of sellers were offering price reductions as of early August, up from 28% in early May 2018, and way up from 9% in March 2017. We often see seller "fantasies" at play during a hot market as they get a bit over zealous for a certain price.   This is a buyer friendly trend but of course it is also seasonal since there are more homes on the market that weigh into this statistic.  Check out all current Louisville listings here.

The table below reflects a 90 day rolling average as of August 2, 2018. 

90 day real estate report dated Aug 2nd 2018 of single family home sales in Louisville CO


This table below shows that the Town of Superior has an ever decreasing supply of homes with only 29  homes for sale in August, significantly down from the 39 homes for sale in early May 2018. The median list price for homes in Superior has made a huge leap from $502,000 in December 2017 to $754,000 in early May 2018 but has come back down to $649,900 as of August 2018.  Note the August 2017 median price in Superior was $629,900, so we continue to seeing healthy appreciation.  As with neighbor Louisville, we do note a slight increase among sellers who have decreased their original list price from the 27% in May to 31% in August 2018.  While we saw 33% of sellers reduce their price tag in December 2017, none (0%) did so in March 2017.  Again, as with Louisville, seller "fantasies" may be at play in this hot market. "Days on Market" (DOM) is currently at 55, up a little bit from 47 days in May, which includes the time required to close.  Check out all available listings in Superior here

The table below reflects a 90 day rolling average as of August 2, 2018.

90 day real estate report dated Aug 2nd 2018 of single family home sales in Town of Superior  CO


The table below shows inventory levels up from 62 homes for sale in May, now at 83 in August 2018.  However, Lafayette's home prices have dropped off at a steady pace since the winter with current median list price at $595,000 down significantly from $624,000 in early May 2018, and also lower than the median price of $621,472 in December 2017.  Something we will continue to watch.  "Days on Market" has decreased slightly from from 58 in May, to 50 days in August, which includes days to close. Compared to neighboring towns, fewer sellers have decreased their price - just 23% -  as of early August 2018, in comparison to 38% in May 2018, but just 9% last spring (2017).  Check out available listings in Lafayette here.

The table below reflects a 90 day rolling average as of August 2, 2018.  
SFH real estate report as of August 2 Lafayette Colorado


Erie continues to be the East Boulder community with the more homes on the market,  compared to its neighboring towns. With a reported 182 single family homes on the market during early August, this represents an increase over May 2018 when we saw 141 homes for sale. Homes in Erie have a median list price of $579,956 in August, which follows Erie's continual trend of increasing list prices from $569,610 in May 2018, $552,451 in December 2017 and $534,350 in August 2017. Home values hold strong in Erie, as in all of Boulder County.  Days on Market (DOM) has decreased by almost half and is at 82 days in August, down from 141 in May, which was the same for December 2017. Erie sees longer DOM than neighboring towns, most likely because of the popularity of new home developments in Erie, which involve a longer sales process, giving it the longest average DOM among the East Boulder County area towns. Twenty-seven percent (27%) of seller lowered their prices in the summer months as compared to 22% in the spring.   Check out listings in Erie here.

The table below reflects a 90 day rolling average as of August 2nd, 2018.

90 day real estate report dated Aug 2nd 2018 of single family home sales in Erie CO

Real estate market statistics are courtesy of Chicago Title of Colorado, Inc. Data provided by Altos Research. 

LRA tracks these above market statistics for Single Family Homes (SFH) for most of our neighboring towns on a weekly basis, including Louisville, Erie, Lafayette and Superior and then publish on a seasonal basis, four times per year.  At Louisville Realty Associates, we have the experience, energy and depth of knowledge to help you list your home for the best price. You can reach us anytime at info@louisvillerealtyassociates.com.

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