In this week's blog I wanted to share some information about what home buyers should be paying attention to as the season turns to fall and winter. As real estate brokers, we often consider this time of year the slower season, but according to Daily Real Estate News, "Despite spring being the peak home buying season, buying in the fall might actually be the best option for house hunters. Overall there's less competition, more inventory to choose from, a better chance of getting a good deal, and the weather gives a well-rounded picture of how the house will feel throughout the year."

As an example, one of the features of a home, which I like to point out to Colorado home buyers, is the direction the sidewalk is facing.  If a buyer chooses a home with a north facing driveway, be cautious! You, your family, the UPS delivery man and anyone who walks up, will be treading onto an ice skating rink. Due to limited sun exposure on north facing driveways, snow does not melt as quickly.  A south facing driveway receives far more sunshine during a Colorado winter and that snow typically just melts away once temperatures rise.