For this week's blog I would like to share an article by Barbara Ballinger of REALTOR® Magazine entitled, "Investment Allure: Get Buyers on the Gravy Train". As an experienced real estate investor myself, I feel compelled to share my knowledge and experience with my clients and anyone who is interested in learning more about what it takes to purchase investment or rental properties.  Many people prefer to rent rather than own, and that target market represents a sizable niche for residential investment buyers. Help these investors find the best properties for their dollars, so that being a landlord becomes a win-win.

Not everyone dreams of home ownership. Some don't have the funds for a down payment; others remain skittish after the post-2008 housing debacle; and still others think they won't stay long enough to make buying worthwhile. And then there's a growing cohort of downsizing baby boomers, who no longer want to deal with mowing, plowing, and putting on a new roof that may outlive them.

This market, along with an uptick in rental prices nationwide, spells opportunity for those looking to diversify their investment portfolio, cover some or all their housing costs, realize appreciation, and reap tax benefits. "Buying even a single property as a rental can be a great way to test being a landlord," says real estate investor Brandon Turner, 29, who's gone from one investment property eight years ago to 42. Turner went on to become a vice president at BiggerPockets Inc., an online real-estate investing company that published his book, The Book on Investing in Real Estate With Low and No Money Down, in 2014.  This type of investment requires research and careful decision making, however. Buyers may also have to consider different issues than they did when purchasing their primary residence. Here are eight ways you can choose well. Read full article here

If you have been following LRA's Main Street Blog or on Facebook, you already know how much interesting real estate information we provide on a daily basis.  If you are new to LRA and you would like to see housing data for Boulder County, there are plenty of statistics to check out in such as "Days on Market", "Total Inventory" and "Newly Listed Homes".  We track all these market statistics for Single Family Homes (SFH) for most of neighboring towns on a monthly basis, including Louisville, Erie, Lafayette and Superior. Check out our latest market summary here.  At Louisville Realty Associates, we have the experience, energy and depth of knowledge to help you list your home for the best price. You can reach us anytime at

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