Wooden floors have always been on the trend list of interior designing and home makeovers. They are not only attractive but gives a classy touch to the whole house. They are easy to clean and can be maintained easily. Over the years wooden floors have had competition, but have managed to remain amongst market with trends appealing to everyone. One needs to consider at least three components with regards to wooden floors: color, texture and finishing. Each of these trends change from time to time but here are the latest.

1. Trends in Color - Colors can make your wooden floors look cheap or extravagant. They define the room and space. Bright colors can make your house have a lively and royal look whereas lighter colors makes it serene and calm. Wooden floors come in different colors to suit your needs such as these below: 

  • Dark and strong colors - dark colors has been favored by home owners over time, as they not only blend well, they also give the perfect contrast to light colored homes but also looked elegant. The trend of wooden floors with dark and strong colors started in 2017 and continues.  While it can show every speckle of dust, home owners love this flooring for the amazing finishing it gives.  View of beautiful bamboo floors in home
  • Light colors - some might think wooden floors with light colors have totally vanished but that is not necessarily true. For those who love their homes to be filled with light, often chooses light colored flooring. A touch of dark colored planks in between the light ones can not only change the entire look but also makes the house look spacious and trendy.
  • White - yes, you heard it right. White colored or rather bleached wooden floors top the 2018 trends. One of the major advantage of this is that a home owner can install these floors as a DIY project over your dark wooden planks. They are quite cost effective and helps to make your room look bigger. White not only bring in a calming effect, but also makes your room look classy and traditional.
  • Variations - everyone loves to have originality and a natural look. It is for this reason that wooden flooring with different color families became an instinct hit. A mixture of bright and neutral colors can make your room be the perfect haven. They not only elevate the looks of your home but makes it trendy too.

2. Trends in Texture  It’s not just the color varieties that is trending in 2018. Wooden floor panels come with various textures too to make it look more natural and original. Here are some of the texture trends of 2018.

  • Distressed - although it’s often mistaken for hand scraped texture, these are meant for people who loves aged things. One of the major advantage of this texture is that you don’t have to be extra careful in maintaining your floor in order to avoid scraping. The floor already has naturally made scrapings and knots and burns.  Great for pet owners! 
  • Hand Scrape - one main attraction of hand scraping is that they make each plank look unique and beautiful in its own way. Often made using long planks, they give a rich and expensive look to your house. The handmade scrapes the floor has helps in less maintenance of floor.

3. Finishing - A good finishing is important when it comes to wooden floors. The beauty of floor can be seen only when the finishing touches are applied. In addition to that it gives a complete and perfect look. Some of the trends this year are: 

  • Matte - this is the next big thing in the industry of wood floorings. They make the floor look warm and expensive. If done well, a matte finish would look gorgeous on any floor.
  • Oil - While some might think oiling the floor can damage it, this is not true. Oiled wooden floors make the wood strong and maintains the shine of the floor for years. It is easy to clean it also.
  • Satin - currently satin finishes rule the market. They give a glossy finish and is water friendly. While it shows dust and scratches easily, maintenance is not much of a problem as it is easy to clean and look after.

I have observed that unique design and texture is what attracts a customer towards wooden flooring. There are plenty of trends and new ideas emerging that are appearing in the market but wooden flooring is a home owners favorite. 

Author’s Bio: Lisa Hall is working as a freelance interior designer. She enjoys blogging on topics related to home improvement and like to be up-to date with the latest Interior Designing Trends. Apart from her profession she loves reading psychological books and travelling to unexplored places. She can be reached at lisa@webeazey.com.  

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