Are you planning to sell your house? Well then, get it painted!

It is common sense that houses sell better when they are beautifully painted. If you are planning to list your house for resale, painting is one of the most cost-effective techniques to increase the value of your house. Paint is considered one of the least expensive returns on an investment!

Research shows that painting the interiors increase the value up to 105%, while the exteriors increase up to 57% on ROI. Color choices make a huge impact on the home buyers. It is a powerful tool that attracts prospective bidders and buyers. According to top real estate agents, colors can either make or break the image of a house.

So what paint colors must you use to increase the value of a house? Well, it’s a tough decision. However, if you consult market experts, they will help you in choosing the best color options. The market trend reveals that the choice of color largely varies every year.

Interior Paints

Since the interior of the house is usually the biggest attraction for the buyers, the colors must be chosen with that in mind. Warm, neutral colors are more likely to attract the buyers rather than wild and bold colors.  It is important to have a fresh impression on the buyers who come to visit your house with a buying motive. Houses that are in poor condition or have worn out walls are not attractive to the buyers. Photo of the front a freshly painted home in Colorado

  • Neutral colors like beige, gray or blue create a warm ambiance and help the buyer to imagine themselves living in the house.
  • Last year, pastel yellow and pink were also found to be appealing to the buyers. 
  • Avoid using dark colors like brown, green or violet. These colors put off the mood, and buyers may never want to come back to the house.
  • Apart from the living room and bedroom, kitchen and bathroom are the places that capture the buyers’ attention. Yellow kitchens have commanded the highest premium in the recent years.
  • Bathrooms with blue and white tiles are equally appealing.
  • Since many buyers do not want to shell out a lot of cash for paints after buying a house, it is important that you choose colors that will not need immediate replacement.


The exterior of the house creates a first impression on the buyer's eyes. When you list your home for sale, the initial photos buyers see online are of the exterior. Thus, it is important that the house looks amazingly beautiful and appealing for a visit. Houses that are made of bricks may not require fresh paints, but a touch up of varnish or red brick paints can do wonders.

According to the experts, it is important to avoid too many colors on the exteriors. Use of a variety of colors is distracting and makes the house look smaller. Experts mention that neutral gray and white for the edges and walls, and a pop-up color for the gates works the best. Choosing neutral colors for the exteriors is universally appealing and contrasts nicely with any background.

  • Light gray color makes your house look contemporary and classic. This color goes well with any paint on the trimmings and edges.
  • Using white color gives a clean look to your house, and feels welcoming to the potential buyers.
  • Yellow houses depict warmth and cheerfulness. It suits every type of house and increases the value of the property instantly.

Have you ever come across pale orange houses near the beach or coastal areas? The exterior gives a sunny glow to the house and makes it look lavish and expensive. Sellers must select paints that are appealing to the target audience. The more eyeballs you grab, the higher is the value of your house!

Author Bio: Heather Neves is a girl who loves decorating and renovating spaces with her extraordinary creative skills. Always curious to know what is trending in the interior design industry so that she is up to date with the latest interior designing trends. Apart from renovating, her love for cooking has always increased with the time. Heather can be reached at

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