Moving is an exciting, yet overwhelming, experience. The entire process requires an extreme adjustment. This is especially true for children who must leave old friends behind and make new friends at a new school in a new community. As a parent, you want to ensure that your child’s transition is an easy one, but what are the best ways to accomplish this?

  1. Talk to your child in advance. Call a family meeting to explain the details of the move.If you have a young child, there are many children’s books about moving that may help your child gain a better understanding, while also having fun in the process.
  2. Include your child. Involve your child in the house selection process, especially if they are older.Ask for their feedback, including likes and dislikes. If you have already chosen a home, take your child to see the location. If this is not possible, show your child pictures of the house.
  3. Check out the community together. This can be accomplished through research. If a town map is available, show your child the surrounding area. What family attractions are there to do on the weekend? Build up excitement for the big move, by planning future trips to the local museum, toy store, or aquarium.
  4. Have your child help pack. Encourage children to assist in packing up their own room. Sort through toys that your child may not use anymore. Instead of throwing the items away, donate them. Have your child place their belongings in labeled boxes, so they know exactly where their favorite toys are tucked away.
  5. Let your child be the designer of their new room. Let your child plan their room’s layout and design. Allow your child to pick out the paint color of the room. You can also help the child create new pieces of artwork to decorate the walls.
  6. Help your child say good-bye to friends. Host a going-away party or cookout. Invite your neighbors and friends, as well your child’s friends. Help your child plan future visits to your hometown. You can also help your child exchange addresses for a pen-pal system to stay in touch. Assure your child that they will make more friends and will not forget current ones.
  7. Set up your child’s room first. Moving to a new home brings about a whirlwind of emotions. Since children will be in an unfamiliar place, it is crucial to surround them with their favorite belongings.
  8. Involve your child in the new community. A great way for your child to make new friends is by involvement in groups, sports, and other activities. If your child is involved in Baseball in your current community, continue the involvement in your new neighborhood. This shows the child that they can continue doing what they love.
  9. Meet the neighbors. Upon moving into your new home, meet the neighbors together. Have your child help you bake cookies to take to the neighbors to introduce yourselves. If they have children, plan a play date. Making new friends will help your child feel at home in no time.
  10. Enlist the help of others. Moving can be a stressful experience for all parties. When you have children, it makes it even more challenging, emotionally and physically. Consider asking for help from friends and family. You may also want to hire a professional car moving company to make the move easier.

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