With Colorado slowly shaking off its snowy blanket to make way for warmer days, it’s time to start thinking about spring break. For kids, it’s a well needed rest before the last few months of the school year. For parents, it’s an opportunity to get the whole family together. And if you’re staying close to home this break, the heat is on to still provide an amazing time the kids will proudly brag about to all their friends. Whether you’re a Colorado dweller looking for some fun close to home or you’re coming in from out of state, you’re in the right place!

Let’s go over how to make the best out of your Colorado spring break. At first glance, you might not know where to start when researching places to visit in central and northern Colorado. But one only has to look past the surface to find a hidden gem. And in the case of Colorado, there are certainly more gems than you know what to do with! Step one in planning a spring break trip to remember is picking out the optimal setting. Here are a few starting points from which you can to work.


Nestled in the shadow of Longs Peak, the sleepy little town of Estes Park is a fantastic place to consider for your spring break. This destination is perfect for a family that really wants to get the most out of all the natural beauty Colorado has to offer. Rocky Mountain National Park is right outside of the town and in fact it is so close that it’s not unusual to be halted in your tracks by a herd of elk wandering through downtown. With more than 350 miles of trails, you could spend an entire day hiking in one of the most scenic locations in the state.

Elk Crossing in daylight in Estes Park

When you get done with a long day out in the park, there’s plenty to do in town too. Horror lovers might be interested to know the hotel which inspired Stephen King’s classic novel, “The Shining”, calls Estes Park home. The Stanley Hotel has operated since 1909 and is said to have picked up a few paranormal guests over the years. You can book a tour to see if you’ll have any spooky run-ins! After the ghost hunt, head downtown! Check out hometown favorites such as Ed’s Cantina & Grill for a bite to eat and then spend some time supporting local business.


You could spend a lifetime in Denver and still never run out of things to do. That’s why it’s an ideal spot to set your sights for this spring break. It’s a great spot if you want to enjoy a classic Colorado experience with an urban twist. There’s tons of affordable activities for the whole family in and around the city. There’s a ton of tours and museums you can take advantage of in the Mile High City. One fun outside-the-box activity you should schedule out is a trip to Hammonds Candy Factory. They give tours every half hour. You even get a sample free sample at the end. The Butterfly Pavilion is another classic you won’t want to miss! Sit among the butterflies and even meet Rosie the Tarantula.

If you want to go out and enjoy the blooming spring weather, there’s plenty of options in Denver. Take a trip to the historic Rocky Mountain Arsenal. The lush 15,000 acres refuge provides opportunity to fish, hike and even spot Colorado’s local wildlife if you’re lucky. Morrison Natural Area and the surrounding Star K Ranch is rich with fun opportunities for both the little ones and older folks. You can interact with their resident tiger salamander or take a self-guided history tour.


An often overlooked location to check out this spring break is Colorado Springs. Since it’s not a major tourist destination, a trip here gives you the luxury of getting to enjoy the city like a local would. Check out Cheyenne Mountain Zoo for a truly special experience. The property is nestled into the mountain side so not only do you get to check out some cool animals but you also get a fantastic view of the city. Be sure to pop by the giraffe exhibit and you might get to feed them a snack! Soak up some local history at the Pioneer Museum. With over 60,000 artifacts housed at the museum, your family will be enveloped into Colorado Springs’ vivid history. And it’s free! Donations, or course, are welcome.

There’s plenty of outdoor adventures to be had in Colorado Springs. Experience all the beauty and exhilaration a Colorado spring break has to offer at the Broadmoor’s Soaring Adventures. You’ll get the chance to zip line through the “The Grandest Mile of Scenery in Colorado”. If your family is into fitness, you’ll definitely want to check out The Incline. It’s only roughly a mile but in that short span, you climb about 2,000 feet in elevation. This hike is hailed by many as a Colorado rite-of-passage. But if you choose to take up the challenge, know it’s going to be one of the hardest hikes of your life!

These are just a handful of the locations to explore this spring break. But there’s a whole lot more to see and experience in central and northern Colorado! Don’t be afraid to broaden your horizons and do something a little outside the box. That’s what this state is all about: adventure and discovery. So whether you’ve lived here your whole life or you’re coming to visit for the first time, Colorado has a little slice of enchantment to offer you and your family.

Jeremy Alderman is an online journalist who focuses on travel, real-estate, and lifestyle-related trends. He is passionate about everything sports, as well as board games, his family, and the great outdoors. He can often be found splurging in episodes of Game of Thrones with his new mini-Aussie puppy, Cooper." The best way for someone to reach Jeremy would be at his personal email jeremyalderman35@gmail.com.


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