Guest Blog: 5 Memorable Retirement Gift Ideas

With four senior living communities in Louisville alone, there are no shortage of retirees in the area. Louisville also boasts a large population of the workforce who are on the verge of retiring. So what does this mean to you? Retirement Parties! When ... Read more

LRA Hosts A Precious Child "Fill-A-Backpack" Through July 19th

Louisville Realty Associates is proud to announce our repeat partnership with A Precious Child to host a "Fill-A-Backpack" drive to collect backpacks and school supplies for Colorado kids in need. Our drive efforts run through from June 11th to... Read more

Why the Color Green Keeps Housing Prices Up in Boulder County

When our clients, who are relocating to Colorado from other parts of the country, arrive to start their home search, they quickly understand why the City of Boulder is so appealing. Boulder has a large, Tier 1 University, a strong economy, easy access to... Read more

Guest Blog: 20 Tips for Fertilizing Your Lawn

Nothing says natural beauty like a house with healthy trees and lawn, which is easily achieved when you fertilize your lawn. While Chop Doc is taking care of your trees, let`s consider the following tips to maintain the health of your grass and to keep yo... Read more

Hot, Neutral & Cool Markets

A Hot Market This type of market is an extremely competitive market and is advantageous to the seller, and is what we have been seeing since about 2011. Sometimes, homes will sell as soon as they are listed or even before homes are listed (we call that &... Read more

How Was Winter Selling in East Boulder County?

As we polish off the snowflakes of winter, we look ahead at the spring selling season with a few observations in our real estate market. It was a good, strong winter market, bouncing back from what many of us saw as a slow down after last fall. As keen ... Read more

Guest Blog: Five Ways You Can Prevent Pesky Pests

We want our homes to be a place perfect for hosting guests and inviting friends. Yet, no matter how hard we strive, we may still attract mice and creepy crawlies like ants and roaches. It can be intrusive ridding our homes of them, but certain tactics may... Read more

Build a Plan of Action and Get Ready

Buying a home will probably rank as one of the biggest personal investments one can make. Being organized and in control will contribute significantly to getting the best home deal possible with the least amount of stress. It’s important to anticipa... Read more

Shift Afoot in Denver Area Real Estate?

As a real estate broker, I certainly have no shortage of market data to study each time I open my email. As a member of two different Multiple Listing Services covering Boulder and Denver, and a as a member of the Boulder Area Board of REALTORs, I thoroug... Read more

How to Estimate, Then Pay for a Renovation

As a recovering fix 'n flipper myself, who has experience in this area from Colorado to California, in my opinion, the hardest part of any renovation process is accurately estimating my costs. When I started buying up fix and flips in the 1980s, I ha... Read more

What is Your Radon IQ?

First question: When is Radon Awareness Month? If you said "January", you would be correct! And if you are from Colorado, chances are radon is a household word. If you are not from a part of the country that has large levels of radon, then rad... Read more

Guest Blog: Help Your Kids Understand the Value of Money

After a layoff in late 2015, finances became tight. My wife and I took on consulting jobs to keep the lights on, but in early 2017, I was completely out of work for a time. When our daughter complained about not going out to eat as often, or doing as many... Read more

Join Us in Supporting A Precious Gift Drive

For the second year in a row, Louisville Realty Associates is proud support A Precious Child in its "A Precious Gift Drive" to support disadvantaged and displaced children in Colorado. We absolutely love this organization as they bring so much... Read more

Whoa Nelly! Are Boulder County Home Prices Dropping?

It has been quite awhile since I have reported any signs of a cooling effect in Boulder County, but the numbers appear to be bearing that out. According to Altos Research, home prices in our market have been trending downward quite significantly in recent... Read more

Guest Blog: Keep Renting or Buy A Place Of Your Own?

Keep renting or buy a place of our own? That is a question I have heard many times over my last twenty-plus years as a mortgage loan originator. It is a basic question, but carries with it so many important, weighty thoughts and considerations. “Buy... Read more

Guest Blog: Top 12 Things To Know Before Purchasing A Home

Buying a house is a huge decision - one that obviously requires great care. Every family has its own specific needs and expectations for a home and here I want to share some practical aspects of buying a home. If these steps are neglected it may lead to ... Read more

Do You Like the Trends for Autumn

When it comes to home design ideas, I always look to the experts. No matter what the time of year, which room I am focused on, I end up slightly overwhelmed and doubting my instincts. To get some perspective on the 2018 home design I took in the advice ... Read more

8 Ways to Beat Identity Theft

It is always a good time to re-evaluate various security and safety practices we have in our daily lives, both in the digital and physical world. One of the areas that I advise folks to take a look at, especially during their early home searches, is how t... Read more

Guest Blog: 6 Ways You Can Benefit By Owning Rental Properties

If you are considering investing in real estate, then you are in luck. Homeownership rates are at their lowest levels in 50 years. This major shift away from homeownership can be attributed to several factors I will discuss in this blog. Renting offers ... Read more

How Can I Be Helpful?

"How can I be helpful?". These were five words I heard from an old friend during an unusual week. The question came while she was hosting my daughter and me in her lovely home in Boston, which she and her family had graciously opened to us whi... Read more

Back-to-School DIY Clean Up Ideas

Sometimes the urge to clean hits us spontaneously! Now that the kids are back to school, you may be facing some major post-summer clean up efforts, we thought we would share this infographic on how to cut through the grease and get your house spic 'n... Read more

Guest Blog: Trends in Wooden Floors

Wooden floors have always been on the trend list of interior designing and home makeovers. They are not only attractive but gives a classy touch to the whole house. They are easy to clean and can be maintained easily. Over the years wooden floors have had... Read more

Buying in an HOA in Colorado? 5 Must Dos Before Closing!

Home buyers who are looking to live in HOA communities typically focus on two questions: 1) what are my HOA fees going to be? and 2) what is included in my HOA fees? Of course those are important pieces of information, but I wanted to write this week&rsq... Read more

Guest Blog: Dos & Don'ts of Your First Apartment

Moving into your first apartment will be one of the most exciting changes in your life. You’ll be able to experience all the thrills of living alone, an experience that will help you become a more responsible, independent individual. However, althou... Read more

Can You "Fill-A-Backpack" to Support Colorado Students in Need?

Louisville Realty Associates is proud to announce our repeat partnership with A Precious Child to host a "Fill A Backpack Drive" to collect backpacks and school supplies for Colorado kids in need. Our drive runs through July 20, 2018 and needs ... Read more

Which Home Fixes Are Worth Negotiating After a Home Inspection?

You found your dream home - a lovely turn of the century home lush with trees on the largest lot in the neighborhood. It took some work, but you won out over the other buyer competition, which is no small feat in this competitive market. Your lender says... Read more

Guest Blog: How to Help Your Parents Through Downsizing

Whether your parents are downsizing to a new, smaller home, a senior living community, or an assisted living facility, the process of downsizing can be a lengthy and emotional one. Leaving a family home, friends and neighbors, and a community they have be... Read more

East Boulder County Still A Hot, Hot, Hot Sellers' Market

Louisville, Colorado remains a hot seller's market, with very little inventory on hand for eager buyers who want in. The median list price of a single family home jumped from $625,000 in December 2017 to a whopping $699,000 in early May 2018. Louisvil... Read more

LRA Hosts 3rd Annual Louisville Middle School Art Show

It is about this time of year that Louisville really starts to wake up. The outdoor seating on Main Street is open filled with residents and visitors soaking in the Colorado sun. The colorful and fragrant flower boxes remind us spring has arrived. At LRA,... Read more

Trend Alert: Living Rooms Are Heading Upstairs!

Like most of you, I've see lots of trends come and go, but this one caught my attention: upper-level living rooms are emerging as a sought-after space among homeowners. According to Realtor Magazine, homeowners are attracted to second-floor living ro... Read more

Guest Blog: 7 Yardwork Tips for a Picture Perfect Home

You’ve got the Easter picnic planned, maybe a birthday party before then, and a few days of decent weather to get everything done in time. Yep, you have a full spring schedule. Between the interior spring cleaning, decorating, and the yardwork that ... Read more

How to Find a Vintage Home in Colorado

Thanks to our state's rich and colorful history of ranching, farming and mining, coupled with a mild climate and burning desire to preserve our Colorado history, we are flush with older, well kept homes. In today's real estate market, many home bu... Read more

Thank the IRS? You Will With a 1031 Exchange!

Who ever thanks the IRS? Seriously? Well, as unpopular as the IRS may be to most of us, there are tax deferred programs that can save real estate investors thousands of dollars. It does not matter if you own one rental or a dozen rental units or even mor... Read more

Need Help Buying a Home With Student Loan Debt?

Are you one of the more than 1.3 million students graduating from college or secondary education with debt? The numbers of students over burdened with student debt seem to be keeping pace with the rapid rise of tuition and the other expenses. According t... Read more

Guest Blog: 6 Proven Ways To Boost the Resale Value of Your Home

Are you thinking of selling your home? Then you should be preparing on how to get the most value for your property. Your home’s resale value depends on a lot of factors but here are 6 proven ways to increase the resale value of your property: 1. En... Read more

But Colorado Doesn't Have Mold, Does It?

Mold is definitely a subject we would all like to avoid. For the average person, mold can conjure up a lot of negative imagery. Fortunately in Colorado, thanks to our dry climate, mold is not usually an issue we expect to see arise during a typical real e... Read more

Guest Blog: Guide to Louisville's Sports, Outdoors & More

Colorado has become a destination for lovers of great beer and the great outdoors. If you’re planning a trip to the Centennial State, you might find yourself caught off guard by views of the Rocky Mountains from your hotel window (and more than a fe... Read more

Dear First Time Home Buyers, A Helpful Guide

It is about this time of year when those who are serious home buyers start paying attention to the market in anticipation of purchasing in the springtime. Interest rates are still historically low and while inventory has been a little tight for a few year... Read more

(Almost) End of Year East Boulder County Housing Market Reports

By all general appearances, 2017 seems to be shaping up as another good year for those who sold homes, however, it may be brightening for buyers as well. According to the Colorado Association of REALTORS® (CAR), "Colorado’s low inventor... Read more

Guest Blog: Tips for Being a Responsible Party Host

Make Activities and Food, Not Alcohol, the Party's Focus Planning a party can be a big task, especially when you consider your responsibilities as host extend beyond when your guests walk out the door. The perfect ending to any gathering is a safe tr... Read more

Owning a Piece of Colorado

Some of you who have known me awhile know that I spend a lot of time "off the grid". I love to hike and get up to the mountains with family and friends or often I just go with my dogs, Baxter and Lilly. Spending a lot of my time lost in the beau... Read more

Can't Get What You Like? Think About New Construction!

In Colorado's current booming real estate market, we hear many stories about prospective home buyers submitting multiple offers to no avail, as well as an ongoing trend that many Denver and Boulder area listings (between approximately $300K and $700K)... Read more

Guest Blog: Making A Move Easier On Your Children

Moving is an exciting, yet overwhelming, experience. The entire process requires an extreme adjustment. This is especially true for children who must leave old friends behind and make new friends at a new school in a new community. As a parent, you want t... Read more

Use This Fall Season to Prepare for Your Spring Listing

Fall is, by far, my favorite season. I fully enjoy the fiery, autumnal colors every day this time of year. I know that the leaves crunching under my boots will only last a short time before they need to be swept up. It is the time of year when I prepare... Read more

Denver Is #5 Among Top Gentrified Cities in US

This may not surprise too many of our readers, but Denver has topped another real estate list. This time for "Gentrification". This term was first coined by British Sociologist, Ruth Glass, in 1963, to describe the events that were taking place ... Read more

2017 Louisville Home Tour: A New Tradition In Our Old Town!

Join the Louisville Realty Associates team with a new tradition in our sweet Old Town Louisville. We are a proud sponsor of the 2017 Louisville Home Tour to benefit Louisville Elementary School PTA on October 8th! Read on for more details. Money raised ... Read more

Guest Blog: 7 Ways Cleaning Helps Sell Your Home

Are you ready for the big day? Have you done all you can to impress potential home buyers? Are you sure? Selling a home requires a combination of psychological tricks and realistic facts. I’m not saying you’re lying to buyers. But you have to... Read more

Think of Estate Planning as a Work in Progress

My husband and I were excited to finally complete our household estate planning this summer. That was a huge relief as estate planning was a major "to do" item that we could now mark off our list since we married about three years ago. However, ... Read more

Boulder County Market "MAI" Show Signs of Easing

After months upon months of repeating myself that we are still in a seller's market in Boulder County, the tide may be turning. But don't expect prices to come crashing down, as this market continues to experience fairly high demand coupled with l... Read more

Guest Blog: The Essentials For Creating a Toxic Free Home

“Take the curtains out of your mouth! And don’t eat that off the floor!” These pleas may seem a bit out of place, unless you are like many parents and have lived these exact situations. Whether you find yourself chasing kids around the ... Read more

What is a Specialty Mortgage and Do I Need One?

If you have been paying attention to real estate in Boulder County lately, you have likely noticed that home prices have risen to all time high levels. With each passing year, this has made it harder and harder to afford a home, especially for first-time ... Read more

First-Time Homebuyer Savings Accounts Are Here!

Good news from the federal government for first time home buyers! And shockingly it came from a bi-partisan effort, with both Republican and Democrats coming together in order to help first time home buyers overcome hurdles and make home ownership a reali... Read more

Keep Your Home Safe This Summer

Colorado's summers can be hot! Too hot for many of us and so while the kids are out of school it can be a great time to get out of town, cool off and travel for a week, two or even a month if you can swing it. But don't forget while you are bus... Read more

What Lurks Under Your Ole' House Could Affect Your Sales Price

Working in real estate I see a few things that I may otherwise never learn about. The latest learning experience? Orangeburg sewer pipes. These ancient sewer pipes, installed as long ago as the 1860s, were fabricated from pressed wood pulp, which gives th... Read more

Guest Blog: Renting? Renter's Insurance is a Must!

If you live in a rented condominium, apartment, or home, you need to protect yourself and your property from the unexpected. The owner’s or landlord's insurance policy WILL NOT pay to replace your belongings. Their insurance covers the building,... Read more

What's On Tap in Louisville This Summer

Business as usual? No such thing in Louisville, Colorado. Now that we are well into May, all the summer schedules of activities are coming out and this year is no exception! LRA is proud to be in the middle of it all. Here is just a sampling of the acti... Read more

LRA Hosts 2nd Annual Louisville Middle School Art Show

LMS Hosts 2nd Annual LMS Art Show at First Fridays Art Walk May 2016 It is about this time of year that Louisville really starts to wake up and soak in the sunshine. While we still saw wet snowflakes arrive in this past week in Northern Colorado, the ca... Read more

Streamline the Home Buying Process Seminar May 3rd!

Buying a home in Colorado has changed a lot in the past 8 to 10 years. Are you prepared? We have all watched home prices increase but were you aware that banks have new federal regulations and mandates? Choosing the right lender and understanding the hom... Read more

Why an Experienced Inspector Matters When You Buy a Home

In this week's LRA blog, I wanted to share a fact that is not widely known about the home buying process in Colorado. The little known truth is that home inspectors are not licensed to operate in our state. Unlike real estate agents, bankers and appr... Read more

Low Inventory in '17 Means Last Year's Buyers Profited

Dear Buyers, I'm sorry to say it again, but this is still a Seller's market in Boulder County. It continues to be a simple case of too little supply and too great of demand as our market still experiences historically low inventory. If you are l... Read more

Guest Blog: Why You Should Stage Your Home Before Selling It

So, you’ve decided to list your property for sale! Whether you’ve owned and called this home yours for years, or just purchased it as a fix and flip project, it’s going to need a little freshening up before you put it on the market. Ever... Read more

Advice to Boulder County Renters

LRA's Weekly Main Street Blog with Home Buying & Selling Tips for Louisville, Superior, Erie and Lafayette, Colorado including Real Estate Investing and Market Reports and Analysis for the Colorado Home Owner, Buyer, Seller and Investor. I meet a... Read more

Urban Sprawl Is Here to Stay

I have been reading a lot lately about how our generation of millennials is currently the largest population in our country. By far. Nationally, the US Census Bureau reports that the number of millennials (born from 1980 to 2000) totals 83.1 million, rep... Read more

3 Ways Sellers Can Breeze Through Inspection

Colorado homes are going under contract in record time, which is excellent news for sellers. But after sellers are done high-fiving each other and their agent, the realization slowly creeps in that their home must first pass a home inspection that lives u... Read more

Help! Where Do I Get Cash for a Down Payment?

You have your eye on the prize: a new home. You have started to save for the down payment but it just seems like you are not getting there fast enough. You are living within your means. You have good credit and a good job. But home prices in Colorado are ... Read more

Why I Love Living in Louisville

I turned my car onto the road heading north, which rolled out towards the deep, blue sky and seemingly, opened the world up to the infinite; Yellow grass fields swept away for miles, flowing west to the mountains. The clouds above piled into huge, folding... Read more

Conforming Loan Limits Is Good News for Buyers

For those of you shopping for mortgages, you may enjoy hearing this news - federally backed mortgage loan limits have just increased. With interest rates still at historic lows, this means you may have more wiggle room, financially, to get into a home in ... Read more

Don't Allow Small Cracks to Lead to Big Problems

Winter in Colorado has certainly arrived. Wind, ice, snow, and freezing temperatures can all wreak havoc on our daily lives. We find ourselves carefully navigating our vehicles on a long commutes or we know how much more time it will take to tackle a norm... Read more

Guest Blog: How Geothermal Can Rock Your World

What if we told you there is a way that your home can be heated and cooled for a fraction of the cost it is currently costing you? This technology is not new and has been in use for many years. We are able to steal heat from deep in the ground and pump it... Read more

2016 Community Recap & Thank You to Our Neighbors & Friends

In my final blog post of 2016, I thought it was appropriate to spend a little time to recap LRA's activities in and around our sweet town of Louisville. I also want to thank those who have helped us get established in our first two years. We opened ou... Read more

Colorado Market Gives Back to Home Owners in 2016

2016 was another good year for home owners! According to Zillow, home values in Colorado have increased 10.3% over the past year and it appears that 2017 will bring some more of the same with home values expected to increase by over 4%, particularly in Bo... Read more

Vive la Cuisine! Homes With Appealing Kitchens Sell Faster

Fun fact: according to, homes for sale that include descriptions like “killer kitchen” or “luxury kitchen” sell 8% faster than similar-sized homes in the same ZIP code. We can, therefore, presume that this is why kitch... Read more

Mistakes on Your Credit? Try a Rapid Rescore!

You made the decision to buy a home. Congratulations! Good for you! You have a good chunk of cash set aside for the down payment, you started browsing properties online and maybe you even interviewed a few local real estate agents to set your plan in plac... Read more

Guest Blog: Support Historic Preservation on Small Business Saturday

Did you know that spending money in Louisville supports the preservation of local landmarks? In 2008, City of Louisville voters recognized the economic potential of preservation and created a local Historic Preservation Fund. Louisville citizens voted t... Read more

Get a CLUE - Report, That Is!

Insurance. There seems to be some sort of insurance coverage for every thing we own: Home, Auto, Medical, Life, Liability, Title, Flood, Renters, Mortgage, Earthquake, not to mention appliance and technology warranties and even insurance coverage for Fido... Read more

Using a Transaction Broker to Sell Your Home

Little known fact. In Colorado you have not two, but three choices on how to sell your home. Most people know about the most popular option, which is to work a real estate agent or broker. The second option would be to sell the home on your own. In real... Read more

Changing Fall Colors Match Trends in Real Estate Market

As our towering Colorado trees make their autumnal transformation - shedding their dark green, luscious leaves in exchange for fewer leaves with golden hues - I am reminded of the changes to the real estate market this time each year. Soon after the schoo... Read more

Guest Blog: Remember Insurance for College Students Too

Do you have a young adult at college now or heading off next year? Consider your college student’s personal and auto insurance needs. College can be a fun time for the student but a stressful one for the parent. Reduce some of the stress by plannin... Read more

Guest Blog: Leasing Space in a Tight Market

While there are signs of the office and industrial leasing markets plateauing, space for the small to mid-size tenant remains tight. Good leasing deals can still be made for tenants, but you a tight market calls for the right strategy. Here are four ... Read more

6 Things to Know if Your Elderly Parents are Downsizing

By Cory Nickerson, LRA Associate Broker The day has come. It is time to move your elderly parents out of their house and sell your childhood home. Perhaps they have been there 20, 30 or even 40+ years. Amidst the possible heavy emotions that go along wi... Read more

Summer Winds Down, Farmers Market Still Warms Our Heart

It's no secret: Louisville Realty Associates loves the Louisville Farmers Market! We love the vibrancy of the vendors at their booths, the melodic music playing at the Steinbaugh Pavillon and proximity to our office in Old Town Louisville. Every Satur... Read more

A Talk with Congressman Jared Polis

Despite lots of justified complaining - especially during a political season - we do live in a pretty great country. If you want to reach political decision makers to be heard or ask questions, they are truly with our our reach. Last week I had the opp... Read more

Stuck in Analysis Paralysis? Simplify Your Home Buying Process

In a hot market like the one Boulder County continues to experience, it can be tempting, as a prospective home buyer, to slice, dice and dissect housing market statistics. After all, there is an abundance of variables to study to help a home buyer make th... Read more

Guest Blog: Tricks to Buying in a Seller’s Market

Something kind of strange happened a couple years ago. Colorado, which historically had been a fairly balanced market, almost overnight it seemed became a very strong seller’s market. The cause of this is varied but a few of the reasons were histor... Read more

7 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Your Mortgage Lender

Not a shock...I meet a lot of home buyers. When we get to talking about how they will be financing their new home, which usually involves a mortgage, many folks feel fairly well versed on the home buying process. However, I notice there are usually still... Read more

Join LRA in Helping Cold Springs Fire Victims in Nederland

Last week the community of Nederland suffered great losses due to the Cold Springs fire. While the fire may be extinguished, there are many residents whose lives will not return to normal for quite some time. At LRA, we have clients who were evacuated, bu... Read more

Is Supply Catching Up to Demand in East Boulder County?

In this week's blog, I feel compelled to report that while this is still a seller's market, that may be changing. A little bit. We are seeing more inventory, or better stated, more new listings coming to the market. According to John Rebchock of ... Read more

Are You a Colorado Water Bandit?

Thousands of unsuspecting Coloradans have been breaking the law. You could be one of them. Most of these bandits have been committing their dirty deeds for decades upon decades, without even knowing their actions are illegal. These otherwise law abidi... Read more

How to Challenge a Low Appraisal

You won a hard fought bidding war! You went 10% over the asking price, which may be a stretch, but, by golly, you are buying this home! You have delivered the earnest money, ordered an inspection, and are working with a lender to submit all your applicat... Read more

LRA is Title Sponsor for 2016 Louisville Golf Open

LRA is happy to announce that we are the Title Sponsor of the first ever Louisville Open Tournament at Coal Creek Golf Course. Please join us for a day in the sun, filled with golf, prizes and lots of fun! Oh, and lots of exceptionally good golf. Date... Read more

Guest Blog: This App Makes Home Inventory a Breeze

Why do you need a home inventory? You need a home inventory because you don’t just love your home – or condo, apartment or townhouse. You love what’s in it. Your furniture, artwork, electronics, kitchenware, sports equipment, clothing, j... Read more

3 Reasons Why Baby Boomers Should Downsize This Year

The word "downsizing" can bring up a variety of meanings, but when it comes to real estate and baby boomers, "downsizing" usually means that your kids have flown the coop and you are now coming to the realization that you don't rea... Read more

Unsung Heroes of Real Estate: Title Companies

When you buy, sell or even refinance a home, it is easy to take for granted or even misunderstand the role of your title company. Every other member of the real estate transaction seems to have a clear role: buyers buy, sellers sell, lenders loan, inspec... Read more

Broken Record? Low Inventory Persists in East Boulder County

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I have to say it again. Sorry buyers, this is still a seller's market. Why? It is simply an old fashioned case of supply and demand as we continue to face low inventory. But what is truly surprising to me... Read more

Louisville, Rich in History, Art, Music, Food

It is about this time of year that Louisville really starts to wake up. While we may still see some wet snowflakes in April here in Northern Colorado, the calendar is full of amazing events. Our community events are small, but inviting. Events include a c... Read more

Foreclosure in Your Past? Let's Talk About When You Can Buy Again

The economy has been full steam ahead for the past couple of years and the real estate market is no exception. In Colorado alone, reports indicate that about 10,000 people are moving here every month. Builders are building homes, condominiums and apartme... Read more

Guest Blog: A Home Seller's Check List

It goes without saying, a good first impression can help sell your home. But where to start with the list of things to do to get ready! It can be overwhelming, especially if you still live in the home while showings will be taking place. And then there ar... Read more

Signs of a Denver Slow Down? Not So Fast.

As we head happily into the the spring season, we are reminded with a not too subtle hint yesterday that Colorado can still bring winter conditions into spring. Naturally, I am referencing the 8" of snow arriving on Saint Patrick's Day. Alas, t... Read more

Let's Talk About Solar

We get a lot of sun in Colorado. A lot. And as one might expect the market for solar powered homes has really increased over the past decade in our great, sunny state. We are seeing many home owners investing in the installation of solar panels on their ... Read more

Safeguarding Valuables During Open House & Showings

In this white hot real estate market of Boulder County, potential buyers coming out in droves to view the limited number of open house scheduled each week. But while this is good news for home sellers in our area, as it usually means fetching a good pric... Read more

First Time Home Buyer? 3 Alternatives to Traditional Loans

At the moment, it could be a somewhat frustrating time if you are a first time home buyer in the Boulder County or Denver metro area. With more stories about record high home prices emerging in the Denver Post again this week, not to mention stories from... Read more

Sunshine (and Homes) For Sale

As the Colorado sun emerges from behind melting snow banks around our lovely town of Louisville, you may be thinking about selling your home this spring. Excellent! The good news for you is that this definitely a seller's market. It remains a good t... Read more

3 Reasons Why Choosing a Good Mortgage Lender is So Important

The day has arrived when you have decided to launch a search for a new home. Whether you have done this before, or if this is your first time, it is important to think about your options when choosing a lender. Your first instinct may be to go online, sea... Read more

Rent or Buy in 2016?

So. You are asking yourself whether to rent or buy this year? Many folks are too. I thought this would be a good chance to share a few words from the National Association of Realtors including an easy to use tool they provide to help answer exactly this... Read more

Guest Blog: Replacement Cost On Personal Property

If you want to restore the comforts of your home in the event of a loss, it’s best to choose replacement cost coverage on personal property. It could be worth hundreds, even thousands of dollars to your family. Most homeowners insurance policies cov... Read more

Guest Blog: Start a Home Inventory for the New Year

Take a home inventory now—and be ready if disaster strikes. Homeowners insurance covers the cost (minus deductible) of repairing or replacing your home if it’s hit with a disaster. It also covers the cost to replace your possession in your ho... Read more

2015 Community Recap & Thank You to Our Neighbors & Friends

In my final blog post of 2015, I thought it was appropriate to spend a little time to recap LRA's humble (yet meaningful to us!) activities. I also want to thank those who have helped us get established in our first year. We opened our doors for busin... Read more

Taking It All In, and Slowing Down

This past week, on Tuesday, our Boulder Valley got an impressive 11" of snow overnight. Hello Winter! The Boulder Valley School District (BVSD), notorious for never closing for a "Snow Day", closed. This action was even more noteworthy due ... Read more

Winter Sales Not Dropping Off in Boulder as Expected

This week, I want to share an article I read in Boulder's Daily Camera a couple weeks ago about our unexpectedly active winter season. While the summer frenzy we saw earlier in 2015 may have slowed down in our area, it has not slowed down to a the ex... Read more

Renting? Your Credit Score May Have Just Gotten Better

Guest Blog: Your Personal Umbrella Policy

Accidents involving common, everyday activities may, unfortunately, result in a worst-case scenario. Being held legally liable for injury to another person or damage to their property could exhaust your home or personal auto policy liability limits, and ... Read more

Good News if You Live in Boulder

I was inspired to write today's blog by a piece of "Good News/Bad News" this week for those of us living in Boulder County. Most of you certainly don't need the newspaper (or me!) to tell you what you already know, but according to the D... Read more

Six Things Fall & Winter Home Buyers Should Notice

In this week's blog I wanted to share some information about what home buyers should be paying attention to as the season turns to fall and winter. As real estate brokers, we often consider this time of year the slower season, but according to Daily R... Read more

Investment Property Sales: It's All Timing (and in Denver)

This week, landlords in Denver were met with some pretty good news. According to quarterly research conducted by Seattle-based All Property Management, Denver is the 4th-best city in the entire U.S. for owning rental property. That is 4th out of A LOT... Read more

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