How to Submit a Guest Blog

LRA happily accepts guest blog posts! As we have recently updated our guest blog policies, please review the various ways we post guest blogs on our site:

  • We will review your blog request within 7 days and add you to a queue with other submissions and publish your approved blog post in 3 to 6 months at at no cost to you.
  • If you would like to purchase a sponsored blog post on the LRA website the cost is as follows:
    • $100 for the first submission
    • $50 for all subsequent submissions 
    • $20 per relevant, original link
    • LRA will publish your approved submission within 6-10 business days on our website, as long as it meets our criteria below.  
    • All fees would include distribution to our followers on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Instagram.
    • Payment must be made prior to publication via personal check or PayPal. 

Your guest blog submission will certainly be considered if you write a well researched topic relating to the field of real estate following these guidelines:    

  1. Submit a 300 to 700 word count blog using the form below. 
  2. Include author’s bio with full name, title, business name and email address or website address.
  3. Submission must be grammatically correct, using US standard English spelling.
  4. Three (3) to five (5) hyperlinks to safe, reputable websites pertaining to your topic.
  5. Submit a relevant image that you are permitted to publish/share with photo credit may be emailed separately to Please reference your blog title and date of submission.
  6. Let us know how you found  LRA's Main Street Blog and if we may add you to our email distribution list.

Please feel free to view our other guest blogs by viewing our Main Street Blog and navigate to "Guest Blogs" to see what we have published in the past that speaks best to residential real estate buyers, sellers, investors and vendors in Colorado. We like to spread out the content of our blogs, so if we have published recently on your topic, we may wait additional time so as not to duplicate content for our readers.    

Please provide a valid email address.
Disclaimer: we receive many requests for guest blogs and so please keep in mind if you opt for the cost-free blog post, yours may not be published for several months depending on its content.   For more information please contact