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by Cory Nickerson, LRA Associate Broker 

First question: When is Radon Awareness Month? If you said "January", you would be correct!  And if you are from Colorado, chances are radon is a household word.  If you are not from a part of the country that has large levels of radon, then radon may need an introduction.  That said, let's start with a refresher course for all of us on what radon is. 

Overview of Radon - Radon is an invisible and odor free radioactive gas, which is present in several parts of the United States. Radon is commonly found in Colorado and most estimates report that up to 50% of homes in our state test positive for radon.  Since you cannot see, smell or taste radon, it can be very dangerous if not tested and mitigated.  Unlike

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By Cory Nickerson, LRA Associate Broker 

"How can I be helpful?".  These were five words I heard from an old friend during an unusual week.  The question came while she was hosting my daughter and me in her lovely home in Boston, which she and her family had graciously opened to us while I was moving my first born into her college dorm for her freshman year.  My younger son, who was back home in Colorado, had decided that it was as good a time as any to contract appendicitis.  And so, just a handful of hours after we had landed half way across the country, I received word that my son was going to have an emergency appendecomy.  Even though he emerged from his surgery in tact and was on the road to recovery before I was flying home, it was a stressful

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by Will Sanford, Interior Design Writer 

Moving into your first apartment will be one of the most exciting changes in your life. You’ll be able to experience all the thrills of living alone, an experience that will help you become a more responsible, independent individual. However, although this will be a thrilling, life-changing experience, it will also bring certain challenges that may make this period stressful and exhausting. Thus, it’s important that you know some of the dos and don’ts of moving into your first apartment.

Do Take Your Time

Moving away from home and into your new apartment is a major step, so you shouldn’t rush it. You should take some time to research your options and find an apartment that will meet your needs. Make sure

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By Rob Kelly, LRA Owner & Managing Broker

In Colorado's current booming real estate market, we hear many stories about prospective home buyers submitting multiple offers to no avail, as well as an ongoing trend that many Denver and Boulder area listings (between approximately $300K and $700K) selling for over 100% of list price. Naturally this results in many frustrated buyers.

According to the Denver Post, "Colorado’s population in July 2016 was estimated by the Census Bureau to be 5.5 million, up 91,726 people or slightly less than 1.7 percent — the seventh-highest growth rate among states for that year. State demographers forecast that Colorado will add plenty of people through 2020, with its population nearing 6 million."

If you are one of

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by National Dispatch 

Moving is an exciting, yet overwhelming, experience. The entire process requires an extreme adjustment. This is especially true for children who must leave old friends behind and make new friends at a new school in a new community. As a parent, you want to ensure that your child’s transition is an easy one, but what are the best ways to accomplish this?

    1. Talk to your child in advance. Call a family meeting to explain the details of the move.If you have a young child, there are many children’s books about moving that may help your child gain a better understanding, while also having fun in the process.
    2. Include your child. Involve your child in the house selection process, especially if they are older.Ask for their
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by Rob Kelly, LRA Owner/Managing Broker

LRA's Weekly Main Street Blog with Home Buying & Selling Tips for Louisville, Superior, Erie and Lafayette, Colorado including Real Estate Investing and Market Reports and Analysis for the Colorado Home Owner, Buyer, Seller and Investor.

I meet a fair amount of folks coming into our offices asking if LRA knows anything about the rental market. Fortunately we do understand the rental market, but unfortunately for those who ask us, we don't work as leasing agents.  But since we get enough questions in this area, I thought it may be worth a blog post to help out our readers who don't think they are ready to buy, but are eager to see a few rental homes in this very tight market. 

First, it is important to

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by Kate O'Brien, LRA Associate Broker

I turned my car onto the road heading north, which rolled out towards the deep, blue sky and seemingly, opened the world up to the infinite; Yellow grass fields swept away for miles, flowing west to the mountains. The clouds above piled into huge, folding, cumulus forms, the size of which I could never even have imagined. They glowed golden from within. I smiled with contentment and drove on. Looking for something certain, exploring for the afternoon, searching for a place to call home, I headed west and drove on.

Eighteen years ago, I moved to Colorado. I was a 22 year-old bride, wildly in love with my young husband, simply seeking out an amazing life. I married a 5th-generation Coloradan who had moved

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By Cory Nickerson, LRA Associate Broker

Insurance. There seems to be some sort of insurance coverage for every thing we own: Home, Auto, Medical, Life, Liability, Title, Flood, Renters, Mortgage, Earthquake, not to mention appliance and technology warranties and even insurance coverage for Fido's visits to the vet!

No matter what kind of insurance you carry, most of us to seem to have a love-hate relationship with all the insurance in our lives. Whether is it optional insurance or mandatory coverage, we may dislike paying the premiums, but we sure do enjoy the coverage protection when we need it. 

Once you take out a mortgage on a home, your lender will require you to hold Home Owners insurance. But did you know there is a way to benefit from a

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By Mark Casey, Tenant Wisdom

While there are signs of the office and industrial leasing markets plateauing, space for the small to mid-size tenant remains tight.  Good leasing deals can still be made for tenants, but you a tight market calls for the right strategy.     Here are four tips for leasing space in a tight market.

  • Don't Resist Reality:    It does not help your situation to wish the market were different than it is.    Once you accept reality as it is, then efforts can be aligned around getting you the best possible solution that is a attainable in the market.   There are still good deals out there, provided you are prepared and have the right help.  
  • Plan Ahead:  As the Boy Scout motto goes, you need to "be prepared."    That means
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By Cory Nickerson, LRA Associate Broker

The day has come. It is time to move your elderly parents out of their house and sell your childhood home. Perhaps they have been there 20, 30 or even 40+ years. Amidst the possible heavy emotions that go along with this, is the practical question of "Where do I even begin?".  It can certainly feel like an overwhelming task, and it is no small task, but you know it needs to be done. Perhaps your elderly parents need the proceeds from the sale of the their home to pay for and live in an assisted living arrangement or to manage hospital expenses, for example.  Perhaps the home is just too much for them to maintain personally. These are some of the typical reasons we hear about why our clients need to sell an

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