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by Maria Villeza, Elder Impact

Whether your parents are downsizing to a new, smaller home, a senior living community, or an assisted living facility, the process of downsizing can be a lengthy and emotional one. Leaving a family home, friends and neighbors, and a community they have been part of for so long is not easy, even if they are excited to start a new chapter of their lives or be closer to family. If you are helping your parents downsize, this article will be of great help.

Start as Early as Possible

Beginning the downsizing process sooner rather than later helps in a few ways. First, it gives you more time to help your parents sort their belongings and determine what to pack long before you have to start finding boxes. Your parents

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by Cory Nickerson, LRA Associate Broker

Mold is definitely a subject we would all like to avoid. For the average person, mold can conjure up a lot of negative imagery. Fortunately in Colorado, thanks to our dry climate, mold is not usually an issue we expect to see arise during a typical real estate transaction. However, since the Colorado floods of 2013, we have heard an emerging question that is standard for buyers and their agents ask home sellers when starting their due diligence, which is "Was there any flood damage to your home in 2013?". Even if the answer is no, home sellers should be prepared and get a little education in the event any moisture issues existed in the history of the home. 

There are over 100,000 different types of molds,

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by Jackie Friesth, Bolder Insurance

Make Activities and Food, Not Alcohol, the Party's Focus

Planning a party can be a big task, especially when you consider your responsibilities as host extend beyond when your guests walk out the door. The perfect ending to any gathering is a safe trip home for all of your guests. Remember, too, if your intoxicated guest is injured or injures someone else on the way home, you could be held legally responsible. But you can take steps to ensure the safety of your guests and, ultimately, the success of your gathering.

Provide the Right Environment

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration encourages these precautions when hosting a party: Avoid making alcohol the main focus of social

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by Marie Villeza, Elder Impact

Living far away from your loved ones can be very difficult, especially if they require assisted living. Unfortunately, you can’t always drop everything to go take care of your family no matter how much you might want to. With today’s advances in technology there are many ways that you can take care of your loved ones from a distance. It may not be the same as being in the same room as them, but it’s possibly the next best thing. The following are a few ways that technology, apps, and services help us care for those most important to us from afar.

1. See and Talk to Our Elderly Loved Ones Without Being Physically Present

Applications like Skype and Google Hangouts are great ways to let your loved ones see your face

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By Cory Nickerson, LRA Associate Broker

Fall is, by far, my favorite season.

I fully enjoy the fiery, autumnal colors every day this time of year.  I know that the leaves crunching under my boots will only last a short time before they need to be swept up. It is the time of year when I prepare to settle in for cooler weather and know that soon our cozy fireplace will get a lot of use. I get out the handmade quilts and place them on the beds in our home. It can also mean less social interaction since it is darker earlier and the temperature drops outside.  It may be tempting to isolate ourselves and be less productive, but if you are a home owner are thinking about selling your home during the upcoming spring season, you will want to start

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by John Stuart, Daily Poppins 

Are you ready for the big day? Have you done all you can to impress potential home buyers? Are you sure?

Selling a home requires a combination of psychological tricks and realistic facts. I’m not saying you’re lying to buyers. But you have to showcase the best parts of your home. Buying a home is subjective process. The moment a negative feature pops up it minimizes the probability of a sale. No one wants to commit money to a house they’re not sure about. No home will ever be perfect right? But what if the positive features can overshadow the negative characteristics? This is your goal. Direct buyers’ thoughts to every remarkable thing in your home. They have to see potential. They’ll start dreaming of building a

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By Rob Kelly, LRA Owner & Managing Broker

Colorado's summers can be hot! Too hot for many of us and so while the kids are out of school it can be a great time to get out of town, cool off and travel for a week, two or even a month if you can swing it.  

But don't forget while you are busy happily planning your trips to visit family out of state or if you are envisioning your final destinations to the mountains or all the way to Europe, unsavory characters could be planing to make your return back home a nightmare.  Take this as a reminder to secure your home, so that when you return, all is in tact as you left it. 

This infographic from Sabre below has excellent statistics, to get your attention as well as practical ideas for how to keep your

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By Jackie Friesth, Bolder Insurance

If you live in a rented condominium, apartment, or home, you need to protect yourself and your property from the unexpected. The owner’s or landlord's insurance policy WILL NOT pay to replace your belongings. Their insurance covers the building, not your personal property.

That’s where renter’s insurance comes in. Renter's insurance is a smart choice for safeguarding yourself in the event of theft, sewer backup damage, fire and more. With renter's insurance from Bolder Insurance, we are an independent insurance agency, so we have dozens of companies to compare, so you get a policy that suites your budget and lifestyle.


Personal property coverage can help ensure that if something happens and you

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by Sam Radbi, ABODO

Ask any real estate agent: selling a house is all about appearances. Your home could be a buyer’s dream house — the perfect size, the perfect neighborhood, the perfect price — and still not pass the eye test. Or, if you have pets, the nose test.  Owning a pet doesn’t just make it hard for renters looking for studio apartments. It’s also a big issue for homeowners trying to sell. Turns out that the messy joys of life with Fido — the odors, the hair, the holes in the yard — can chase away a skittish buyer. Here are five tips on how to lessen your pet’s impact on selling your house.

1. Take the Dog for a Walk
If you’ll be home during showings, arrange for your pet to be elsewhere. Even if you have a well-behaved lapdog, even if

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by Rob Kelly, LRA Owner/Managing Broker

Winter in Colorado has certainly arrived. Wind, ice, snow, and freezing temperatures can all wreak havoc on our daily lives. We find ourselves carefully navigating our vehicles on a long commutes or we know how much more time it will take to tackle a normally quick errand trip around town. But don't forget that while we may feel the struggle of getting through a winter day, our homes may be suffering in silence. Usually it is too late before we detect some damage from winter's fury.

Here are some facts that may motivate you to be proactive and protect your most expensive asset, your home, this winter. According the Colorado AAA, "Freezing temperatures can burst both plastic and copper pipes, and an 1/8-inch

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