June 2017

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By Rob Kelly, LRA Owner & Managing Broker

Colorado's summers can be hot! Too hot for many of us and so while the kids are out of school it can be a great time to get out of town, cool off and travel for a week, two or even a month if you can swing it.  

But don't forget while you are busy happily planning your trips to visit family out of state or if you are envisioning your final destinations to the mountains or all the way to Europe, unsavory characters could be planing to make your return back home a nightmare.  Take this as a reminder to secure your home, so that when you return, all is in tact as you left it. 

This infographic from Sabre below has excellent statistics, to get your attention as well as practical ideas for how to keep your

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By Cory Nickerson, LRA Associate Broker

Working in real estate I see a few things that I may otherwise never learn about. The latest learning experience? Orangeburg sewer pipes. These ancient sewer pipes, installed as long ago as the 1860s, were fabricated from pressed wood pulp, which gives these types of pipes a little more integrity than that of laminated paper towel rolls. And we're seeing them in Old Town Louisville!

According to Express Sewer and Drain, ”Orangeburg pipe was made with steam generators to dry the fibers with exhaust steam before the pitch sealed the layers of conduit. The pipes were designed with a diameter that measured anywhere from 2 to 18 inches…Since the pipes were lightweight, though brittle, they were very popular in

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By Jackie Friesth, Bolder Insurance

If you live in a rented condominium, apartment, or home, you need to protect yourself and your property from the unexpected. The owner’s or landlord's insurance policy WILL NOT pay to replace your belongings. Their insurance covers the building, not your personal property.

That’s where renter’s insurance comes in. Renter's insurance is a smart choice for safeguarding yourself in the event of theft, sewer backup damage, fire and more. With renter's insurance from Bolder Insurance, we are an independent insurance agency, so we have dozens of companies to compare, so you get a policy that suites your budget and lifestyle.


Personal property coverage can help ensure that if something happens and you

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By Cory Nickerson, LRA Broker Associate

"What is my home worth?"  This is by far the most popular question home owners will ask when when considering putting one's home on the market. That said, let's break down the process to help understand how to determine the difference between assessed, appraised and fair market values of a property and how they affect you as a home owner. 

Assessed (Actual) Value - In Colorado real estate property value assessment is conducted county by county. The Property Assessors Office for Boulder County appraises every residential property value in the entire county every two years and determines what is termed "Actual Value". County appraisers use algorithms, neighborhood sales and apply the assessed rate, which is

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