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If you want to restore the comforts of your home in the event of a loss, it’s best to choose replacement cost coverage on personal property. It could be worth hundreds, even thousands of dollars to your family. Most homeowners insurance policies cover personal property for its actual cash value. To cover your contents for the cost to replace them – new for old – request replacement cost personal property coverage.

What is Actual Cash Value?  Actual cash value is replacement cost minus reasonable depreciation. The actual cash value of your household property is what the items are worth at the time of a loss. For example, a television set usually lasts about 10 years. If you own a 5-year-old TV, about half of

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By Rob Kelly, LRA Owner & Managing Broker

Does that title grab your attention?  It sure does for me.  

As many of my friends, family and clients know, I have been fairly active and pretty successful in the real estate investment market in both California and Colorado over the past twenty-five years. While most folks tend to assume that the average person needs to save cash for years upon years in order to afford a down payment on an investment property (think, single family home rental properties in Denver suburbs at around $150,000), there are perfectly legitimate, legal ways to use funds you may already have in your possession. I am talking about using a funded 401K IRA account.  

Simply put, pursuing this course to finance an investment

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By Doug Perry, Wallick & Volk

Take a home inventory now—and be ready if disaster strikes.  Homeowners insurance covers the cost (minus deductible) of repairing or replacing your home if it’s hit with a disaster. It also covers the cost to replace your possession in your home, which may have been ruined. The best way to make sure you’re properly compensated for these losses is to make a home inventory, which is a detailed list of everything in your home, with approximate values.

Home inventories aren’t just for wealthy people: Ordinary folks own lots of things that cost way more than they realize to replace. Think about the cost of a new bed—headboard, footboard, frame, mattress, mattress pad, pillows, sheets, blankets, bedspread. Now throw in the

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