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By Lauren Trice, Planning Department - City of Louisville 

Did you know that spending money in Louisville supports the preservation of local landmarks? 

In 2008, City of Louisville voters recognized the economic potential of preservation and created a local Historic Preservation Fund. Louisville citizens voted to establish the Historic Preservation Fund (HPF), supported by a 1/8% sales tax in effect from 2009 through 2018.  The voter-approved HPF represents an impressive community asset to support historic commercial and residential buildings within Downtown and the Old Town Overlay. Citizens and leaders are justifiably proud of passing the only documented example of a municipal sales tax to fund historic preservation and of the tremendous

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Accidents involving common, everyday activities may, unfortunately,  result in a worst-case scenario. Being held legally liable for injury to another person or damage to their property could exhaust your home or personal auto policy liability limits, and cause financial ruin to your family.  A personal umbrella policy works hand in hand with your existing underlying insurance, adding a layer of liability limits to protect you in today’s litigious society.  A personal umbrella liability policy offers vital coverage benefits, and for a relatively inexpensive premium compared to the amount of coverage purchased.    At Bolder Insurance, we always encourage our clients to talk to your local insurance agent to find out

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By Rob Kelly, LRA Owner & Managing Broker

I was inspired to write today's blog by a piece of "Good News/Bad News" this week for those of us living in Boulder County. Most of you certainly don't need the newspaper (or me!) to tell you what you already know, but according to the Denver Post, Boulder, Colorado real estate has hits the top 1% of the U.S.'s most expensive markets.   Boulder has now joined the ranks of Palo Alto (think Silicon Valley), Napa Valley (wine tour anyone?), Newport Beach and Honolulu (hanging way more than "10"), as well as Mercer Island, a suburb of Seattle and also, the town you would have to drive through in order to visit the home of Microsoft founder, Bill Gates (unless you take your yacht, that is).

According to a new

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By Rob Kelly, LRA Owner & Managing Broker 

In this week's blog I wanted to share some information about what home buyers should be paying attention to as the season turns to fall and winter. As real estate brokers, we often consider this time of year the slower season, but according to Daily Real Estate News, "Despite spring being the peak home buying season, buying in the fall might actually be the best option for house hunters. Overall there's less competition, more inventory to choose from, a better chance of getting a good deal, and the weather gives a well-rounded picture of how the house will feel throughout the year."

As an example, one of the features of a home, which I like to point out to Colorado home buyers, is the direction the

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