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After months upon months of repeating myself that we are still in a seller's market in Boulder County, the tide may be turning. But don't expect prices to come crashing down, as this market continues to experience fairly high demand coupled with low inventory. However, we are seeing some prices are nudging downward a bit.  

In this week's blog, LRA has market reports for the four East Boulder County towns of Louisville, Superior, Lafayette and Erie, highlighting current inventory, average list prices and other market data for the past 90 days ending August 9, 2017. View the full details of this report highlighting key metrics here, courtesy of ColoProperties (Boulder Area Multiple Listing Service or MLS).  We are also tracking the Market Action Index

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“Take the curtains out of your mouth! And don’t eat that off the floor!”

These pleas may seem a bit out of place, unless you are like many parents and have lived these exact situations. Whether you find yourself chasing kids around the house, living with housemates, or relishing in your new space all to yourself, our home environment is a sacred place we want to keep clean and safe.

As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I look at the body and our lifestyle as a whole system. If we just focus on the body without taking into account where we live, what job we do and even what we think, we could miss reaching our true optimum health. If we are going to spend time and effort to be healthy and feel our best, let’s ensure that our very foundation, our

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Good news from the federal government for first time home buyers! And shockingly it came from a bi-partisan effort, with both Republican and Democrats coming together in order to help first time home buyers overcome hurdles and make home ownership a reality. 

The First-Time Home Buyer Savings Account Act, sponsored by Colorado's own Representative, Mike Coffman, Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY) and Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-VA), is designed to help consumers who are trying to buy their first home. H.R. 2802 will amend the federal tax code to create 529-style savings accounts for first time homebuyers. The goal is to mimic the model of the highly successful 529 plan model, which provides parents with college bound children a tax-advantaged program to

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Louisville Realty Associates is proud to announce that we are partnering with A Precious Child to host a "Fill A Backpack Drive" to collect backpacks and school supplies for Colorado kids in need.  Our drive runs through Thursday, July 27th. 

There are more than 180,000 Colorado children living in poverty. Children living in poverty often lack the basic essentials critical to academic achievement. Please help us collect the items needed for school kids in need including: backpacks, large erasers, glue sticks, bottled glue, scissors, pens, crayons, markers, colored pencils, pencils, highlighters, index cards, rulers, folders, loose leaf paper, spiral notebooks and composition notebooks.

Drop off will be at our office (815 Walnut Street in Old Town

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LRA found some pretty cool Independence Day Actives for all moods! Scroll down and pick one, two or more!

Ladies walking in the Niwot, Colorado 4th of July Parade waving little American flags

#1) Feeling Slow? Watch Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest!  Watch these food loving competitors live on TV as they demonstrate their hunger for Nathan's Hot Dog's eating contest trophy during on this 101st anniversary on ESPN. Viewing details here.

#2) Want to get active? Follow the Town of Superior Parade! This year's theme is "Great American Pastimes". The parade starts at 8:30am followed by a pancake breakfast at 9am. View details here.

#3) Longing for tradition? Pan for Gold in Denver at Four Mile Historic Park. The park is closed on Tuesday the 4th, but it's tradition is in full swing all week long. Swing by this former stagecoach stop

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Colorado's summers can be hot! Too hot for many of us and so while the kids are out of school it can be a great time to get out of town, cool off and travel for a week, two or even a month if you can swing it.  

But don't forget while you are busy happily planning your trips to visit family out of state or if you are envisioning your final destinations to the mountains or all the way to Europe, unsavory characters could be planing to make your return back home a nightmare.  Take this as a reminder to secure your home, so that when you return, all is in tact as you left it. 

This infographic from Sabre below has excellent statistics, to get your attention as well as practical ideas for how to keep your home, valuables and ultimately your family safe

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Working in real estate I see a few things that I may otherwise never learn about. My latest learning experience? Orangeburg sewer pipes. These ancient sewer pipes, installed as long ago as the 1860s, were fabricated from pressed wood pulp, which gives these types of pipes a little more integrity than that of laminated paper towel rolls. And we're seeing them in Old Town Louisville!

According to Express Sewer and Drain, ”Orangeburg pipe was made with steam generators to dry the fibers with exhaust steam before the pitch sealed the layers of conduit. The pipes were designed with a diameter that measured anywhere from 2 to 18 inches…Since the pipes were lightweight, though brittle, they were very popular in construction projects that needed to be finished

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If you live in a rented condominium, apartment, or home, you need to protect yourself and your property from the unexpected. The owner’s or landlord's insurance policy WILL NOT pay to replace your belongings. Their insurance covers the building, not your personal property.

That’s where renter’s insurance comes in. Renter's insurance is a smart choice for safeguarding yourself in the event of theft, sewer backup damage, fire and more. With renter's insurance from Bolder Insurance, we are an independent insurance agency, so we have dozens of companies to compare, so you get a policy that suites your budget and lifestyle.


Personal property coverage can help ensure that if something happens and you need to repair or replace your belongings,

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"What is my home worth?"  This is by far the most popular question home owners will ask when when considering putting one's home on the market. That said, let's break down the process to help understand how to determine the difference between assessed, appraised and fair market values of a property and how they affect you as a home owner. 

Assessed Value - In Colorado real estate property value assessment is conducted county by county. The Property Assessors Office for Boulder County appraises every residential property value in the entire county every two years. County appraisers use algorithms, neighborhood sales and apply the assessed rate, which is established by the State of Colorado, to determine the assessed value of your property.  The

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If you have been paying attention to real estate in Boulder County lately, you have likely noticed that home prices have risen to all time high levels. With each passing year, this has made it harder and harder to afford a home, especially for first-time homebuyers. But with so many mortgages available to home shoppers, a traditional, 30-year fixed-rate mortgage may not be the only option to explore. 

An increasing number of homebuyers are applying for specialty mortgage, which may allow them to pursue non-traditional ways to secure and pay down a home mortgage. However, (and this is a big however), it is important to be aware of the risks, before you choose one of these mortgages and assume it is right for you.

According to,

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